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If you are looking for jobs or consultancies in International Development, nowadays there are many search engines that will help you. However searching through all of this information and screening through ToR can be very time consuming.


Therefore we are offering you a convenient service, called EZJobSearch. Based on your keywords and (if requested) countries, we will screen all major job search platforms and websites (sources) by large development organizations and provide you with all relevant jobs. We also provide you with key information on the job. So you can quickly see, if the job fits your interests and time-wise requirements.


This information will be summarized for all jobs, which contain your specified key word in the Job Title. (sample of display)




If you would like us to search World-wide for jobs matching with your set of key-words , we will charge 1 USD for each key-word for each time we search.


For example:

If your keywords are health,  WASH M&E, monitoring, evaluation, project management [1] (= 6 keywords) and you would like us to search 4 times per month, the fee will be calculated as follows:


>>> (6 keywords) * (4 times/month)* 1 USD = 24 USD per month


[1] Please not that the keyword “project management” is a combined keyword. Only jobs, which contain the terms in this sequence will be retrieved, but not those which contain only “project” or only “management” or which contain the two words in a different order (e.g. “management of xxx project”.

If you would like us to search for jobs with your key-words in specific countries, we will charge 0. 1 USD for the number of key-words multiplied by the number of countries for each time.


For example:

Your keywords are health,  WASH M&E, monitoring, evaluation, project management [1] (= 6 keywords) and you want us to search in India, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam (= 5 countries) and search 4 times per month, the fee will be:

>>> (6 keywords) * (5 countries) * (4 times/month) * 0.1 USD = 12 USD per month.


**The minimum monthly fee is 10 USD. Payments are made for 1 month in advance and subscription for the service can be cancelled at any time. 


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