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NUDP - Nothern Uplands Development Programme


>>> Responsibility: Design and Implement Interm study to evaluate the NUDP 


Pro - FLEGT - Support to the Lao EU-FLEGT process


>>> Responsibility: Facilitator and support planning and monitoring process



NIWRMSP - National Integrated Water Resources Management Support Project


>>> Responsibility:  Design and Implement Outcome study


LMPP - Lower Mekong Public Policy Initiative


>>> Responsibility:  Establish Result - oriented planning and monitoring system;  Stakeholders survey 



ICBF - Integrated Conservation of Biodiversity and Forest project 


>>> Responsibility:  Design result - oriented planning and monitoring system



FTL - Fair Trade Laos (2013- ongoing)


>>> Responsibility: Volunteer as the Advisor for M & E and a member of the FTL Management Board


SPLSPM - Support Project for Implemetation of Legal sector Master Plan  (2014 - ongoing)


>>> Responsibility: Design and Support the Public Justice Survey & Legal Sector Master Plan Base-line



CLipAD - Climate Protection through Avoided Deforestation (2012 - ongoing)


>>> Responsibility: Establish output monitoring system and Design base-line study 

STANDZ - Stop Transboundary Animal Diseases and Zoonoses Initiative (2013 - ongoing)


>>> Responsibility: Establish result - oriented planning and monitoring system and Facilitator



Hydropower and Mining Technical Assistance to the Government of Laos (2013 - ongoing)


>>> Responsibility:  Establish: Result - oriented planning and monitoring system;  The Project Implementation Manual and a Consultant Coordinator Forum for the 2nd phase



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